Transform your skin

With The Power & Wisdom of Ayurveda


Kansa Ritual Tools

The ancient ayurvedic 'healing metal' Kansa (bronze) enriched with the benefits of Copper.

Lift, Sculp, Depuff & Tone

With Our Kansa Gua Sha Tool - The Illuminator

Redefine Your Haircare Ritual

With Our Kansa Comb Massage Tool - The Crown

"Love the finish it gives to my face and makes it feel like everything is locked in."

AAHANA, Luminous Veil Hydrating Mist

Lavanya Selka

“LŪVIḤ was born as a true identity for myself and a reminder for overcoming obstacles in life for everyone in my community. It reminds me of acceptance (both physical and mental states). It connects me with who I am and my roots.”